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Hand-printed etchings & artist's books charting the course of explorers encountering a new world that seems upside-down & pursuing that which is hidden, secret & just out of reach.

Melanie Plus June Prints and Drawings

Magical Thinking, artist's book with 6 hand-colored etchings/aquatints.
artist's book
Like Moths to Flame, artist's book with four etchings/aquatints with metallic washi chine collé.
five aquatint/etchings with chine collé
The Doubts Come Creeping In, etchings/aquatints with chine collé (a series).
aquatint with chine colle aquatint aquatint with chine colle etching with handcoloring
Testing the Waters, etching/aquatint with chine collé Fangs for the Future, etching/aquatint Releasing into the Wild, etching/aquatint with chine collé Metamorphosis, etching/aquatint with hand coloring
Hair-Raising Times artist's book
Hair-Raising Times, artist's book with 6 etchings/aquatints with chine collé.
aquatint with chine collé aquatint with chine collé etching with hand coloring etching with hand coloring
Little Hauntings, etchings/aquatints with metallic washi chine collé. The Electrical Storm & The Innermost Forest, etching with hand coloring.
artist's book with etching/aquatints with metallic washi chine collé
The Falling Skies, artist's book with 5 etchings/aquatints with metallic washi chine collé.
36 inch x 36 inch woodcut
Holding Ourselves Together, 36 x 36 inch woodcut.
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